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Four taboos for using electric hoists on stage

  • 2023-10-19

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Safety is the top priority of stage construction work, and the safe operation of the entire construction work must be based on the correct and reasonable use of stage electric hoists. Any illegal operation of stage electric hoists may cause accidents. So what are the taboos during the use of stage electric hoists? Let's take a inventory for everyone.

Taboo 1: When the power supply voltage is unstable or there is a risk of short circuit, starting and operating the stage electric hoist can easily cause the motor of the stage electric hoist to burn out, posing a threat to the operator's personal safety.

Taboo 2: Starting the stage electric hoist for lifting without fully understanding the target weight of the lifting operation may cause the stage electric hoist to overload and cause a risk of falling

Taboo 3: Operating the stage electric hoist for outdoor outdoor stage construction in harsh weather such as thunderstorms and strong winds poses significant safety hazards to both the stage electric hoist itself and the operator.

Taboo 4: Starting the stage electric hoist for lifting without firmly fixing the lifting target can easily lead to accidents of heavy objects falling off during the lifting process

These are the four taboos for using stage electric hoists, all of which need to be avoided during the process of using stage electric hoists. We hope everyone can take them seriously. Only by operating the stage electric hoists reasonably and correctly can we ensure the safety and smooth progress of stage construction work.