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Four precautions for using electric hoists on stage

  • 2023-11-15

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The stage electric hoist is a common lifting and hoisting machine on stage, which is easy to operate and not prone to malfunctions. However, even so, there may be errors in operation that can cause problems with the electric hoist. Below, we will introduce the precautions for using the stage electric hoist.

1. The power voltage of the electric hoist should be selected properly

When using the stage, we first need to determine the operating voltage and whether it matches the rated voltage of the stage electric hoist.

2. The suspension point of the electric hoist should be sturdy and stable

When the stage electric hoist is working, it is necessary to ensure that the crossbeam hanging on the stage is sturdy and can withstand a large impact force. And the appearance is beautiful.

3. Be careful during installation and erection

When using a stage electric hoist to erect stage goods, ensure that the commander carefully observes and promptly stops and returns to position in case of deviation. Only after finding the cause can the installation continue.

4. Timely maintenance should ensure the integrity of the electric hoist

The good durability of the stage electric hoist has always been a great feature of this product itself. So it is applied in many stages. Timely maintenance of stage electric hoists is fundamental to ensuring more durable lifting products.