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Factors affecting the quality of Kemei stage chain hoists

  • 2023-12-01

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The quality of each brand's chain hoist is not the same, so what are the factors that affect the chain hoist on the Kemei stage?

Firstly, the stage chain hoist structure of Komei is more reasonable, with small size and light weight. It is a widely used and convenient manual lifting machinery, which can be used for machine installation, cargo lifting, vehicle loading and unloading in industries such as agriculture, construction, stage tours, and mining. It is especially suitable for outdoor and power free operations.

Influencing factor one: raw material. Komei is very strict in selecting raw materials. We use low-carbon high-quality alloy steel material, which is low pollution and low emissions. This material makes the product have good toughness and wear resistance. We all know that the better the toughness of the stage chain hoist, the higher the safety, and good wear resistance makes the stage chain hoist well prevent damage during use, while also withstanding high and low temperature tests.

Factor 2: Process aspect. The Komei stage chain hoist is made by high-temperature quenching and refining, and after multiple cycles of high temperature, it has established the durability of the Komei stage chain hoist, which is thick and thin. Make the quality of Komei's stage chain hoist withstand inspection.