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Electric hoist on stage the "behind the scenes worker" of the magnificent stage

  • 2023-12-14

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The colorful lighting, stunning sound effects, and everything are just right. This is the effect that a gorgeous stage needs to showcase. In addition to the careful design of the staff, the layout of these lighting and sound systems is also assisted by a group of "behind the scenes workers", who are the stage electric hoists.

The stage electric hoist is an important equipment used for stage construction and display of stage effects. When facing stage construction work, its main job is lifting and hoisting. Generally, a separate control box controls the synchronous lifting of several stage electric hoists, ensuring the safety of stage truss construction and greatly improving construction efficiency.

In addition to the construction of the truss, the more important thing for the stage electric hoist is to adjust the position of the stage lighting and sound at any time, in order to achieve the best display effect. These tasks are all completed quietly, which is the importance of the stage electric hoist as a "behind the scenes worker".

Stage electric hoists also indirectly promote the development of cultural and entertainment activities. If you want to learn more about stage electric hoists, please feel free to follow us at any time.