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Eight major advantages of stage electric hoist products

  • 2023-11-15

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Eight major advantages of stage electric hoist products

Advantages: 1. It can be used in a flexible manner and can be used upside down or installed as a self climbing type. It can be randomly assigned according to the application environment and occasion.

Advantage 2. Stage electric hoists are generally used for group cranes, as they have a high speed and therefore require a very high motor speed. The requirement for error free operation may be minimal.

Advantage 3. The deceleration of the stage electric hoist is a cycloidal needle deceleration, without any noise and with minimal braking.

Advantage 4. The appearance of the gourd head is frosted and sprayed with black, which is more beautiful and does not reflect light, and will not affect the stage effect.

Advantage 5. The center of the stage electric hoist is the motor, which uses 60 silicon steel sheets, slow heat production, high power, and long operation time.

Advantage 6. The protective chain is fully enclosed, which can ensure smooth chain release and has a dustproof effect, extending the service life.

Advantage 7. It uses a wire cutting chain guide.

Advantage 8. The gear material is made of 40 chromium and ground, so it is relatively fine and has low noise