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Can stage pulleys be listed and placed

  • 2023-11-29

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After using the stage hoist, we usually take it off and put it in the warehouse for future use. How should we place it? It cannot be stacked on the ground, but needs to be hung vertically. Why?

Firstly, the body of the gourd is treated with black paint to ensure that it does not affect the stage effect. But if the stage chain hoist rusts, this aesthetic problem cannot be achieved. The vertical hanging gourd presents a suspended state on its body and chain hooks, meeting the requirements of dry, ventilated, clean and tidy maintenance for the body, chain, and hooks. The possibility of rusting is greatly reduced, and the issue of aesthetics is easily resolved.

Secondly, the hanging gourd chains are arranged neatly, which facilitates the sorting and maintenance work. The hanging gourd chain has distinct roots, making it easy to clean and apply lubricating oil.

Thirdly, the hanging gourd chains are arranged neatly, effectively avoiding problems such as knotting, entanglement, and flipping. The knotted and tangled chains have significant wear and tear, thus providing further protection for the chains. Next time you use it, you can take the stage as you please. Can the stage chain hoist be listed and placed? It's convenient, labor-saving, and safe.