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Attention should be paid to connecting the power supply of the stage electric hoist

  • 2023-12-04

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When setting up stages or performing stage design, we often use stage electric hoists that are quick to lift, small and concealed, and easy to use. Before doing homework, we will fix it in place and connect it to the power supply. So, what should we pay attention to when connecting the power supply?

Firstly, when connecting the power supply, we should pay attention to whether the rated power and voltage of the power supply match the voltage power of the hoist, to avoid situations where low voltage or overload may occur due to voltage power mismatch; Secondly, it is necessary to connect the power supply firmly and avoid any looseness or incomplete connection, otherwise sudden power outage or even leakage may occur; After connection, corresponding protection and treatment should be carried out for external circuits to avoid damage to the circuit due to environmental or other factors, and to prevent the wires from affecting other on-site operations; Finally, it is necessary to conduct a trial run for a period of time to see if the motor and circuit can be connected and operate normally, in order to prevent unexpected situations during use.

The stage electric hoist is convenient to use, stable and efficient. When connecting to the power supply, we must prioritize safety to ensure that we can carry out operations safely.