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Advantages of using adjustable limit switches for stage electric hoists

  • 2023-12-14

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The stage electric hoist belongs to the category of heavy lifting equipment. Due to its black color, high safety factor, and good mute effect, the stage hoist has become a specialized lifting tool for stage lighting, sound, and truss equipment. With the continuous improvement of lifting requirements in the performance market, the function of the dance platform electric hoist is also constantly improving. The newly added adjustable limit switch function provides great convenience for the lifting work of stage equipment.

Electric hoist products, including metallurgical electric hoists, micro electric hoists, and intelligent electric hoists, do not have this function. The limit switch in ordinary electric hoists is set below the cover of the electric hoist. When the hook rises to a high position and touches the limit switch, it will cut off power and brake tightly, and the position cannot be changed. The adjustable limit switch is a unique function of the stage electric hoist. The limit switch of the stage electric hoist has two modules, upper and lower. Users can adjust the position of the module according to the lifting requirements of the stage equipment, so that it can lift heavy objects within the set range.

The adjustable limit switch increases the flexibility of the lifting stroke of the stage electric hoist, but the user needs to repeatedly confirm whether the limit function is reliable after adjusting the position of the limit switch, which invisibly increases the workload.