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Advantages of two brake systems for stage hanging gourds

  • 2023-12-14

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The stage hanging hoist is a lifting device applied to stage performances, which can help stage organizers lift various equipment such as stage lights and curtains to high places without affecting the performance effect during use. Specifically, the advantages and disadvantages of its braking system are mainly reflected in:

1. Equipped with a dual braking system, including two systems: mechanical braking and electromagnetic braking. Mechanical braking is achieved through the accumulation of brakes, which is simple and convenient, but has certain braking defects; Electromagnetic braking is the installation of an electromagnetic DC brake on the front end of the motor, which can achieve easy braking function with the help of electromagnetism, which is relatively safer and more accurate. However, relying too much on electromagnetism and damaging the braking function will prevent normal use.

2. In practical applications, these two systems are independent of each other and do not interfere with each other. However, when one of them fails, the other conveniently activates the braking function in a timely manner, thereby reducing the adverse impact of electric hoist brake failure on heavy lifting work and enhancing the safety of lifting work.

So the stage hanging hoist is equipped with a mechanical braking system that relies on mechanical rotational force to achieve braking function, and a corresponding fast and timely electromagnetic braking system, greatly improving its safety performance.