Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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Inspection items for stage electric hoist each time

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  Inspection items for stage electric hoist each time

  The stage electric hoist is a lifting equipment used in stage venues. We can actually see the presence of celebrities in concerts and plays. The stage electric hoist needs to be inspected every time it is used. Let me introduce the main inspection points.

  Firstly, check the appearance of the stage electric hoist, check if there is any opening on the hook, whether it rotates flexibly, and repair any problems in a timely manner; Then, check the power supply to see if the wires are damaged and if the plugs are loose; The chain also needs to be checked for wear and tear. If there is corrosion or breakage, it should be replaced with a new one in a timely manner.

  The above are important inspection points for stage electric hoists, which must be carefully inspected to prevent accidents from occurring.

  Precautions before operating the stage electric hoist

  The stage electric hoist is a type of lifting equipment specifically designed for use on the stage. Just like other lifting equipment, it must be carefully inspected before use, and the following points must be achieved:

  Firstly, it is necessary to check the nameplate of the stage electric hoist before connecting to the power supply. What is the voltage and whether it matches the power supply voltage.

  Secondly, the lubrication of the load-bearing chain and gearbox of the stage electric hoist should be completed before the crane is used, and lubricating oil should be applied to the equipment parts according to the usage specifications.

  Thirdly, the suspension of the stage electric hoist must have appropriate and firm suspension points

  Fourthly, before formal use, a no-load test must be conducted first

  The above are a few points to pay attention to before operating the stage electric hoist.

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