Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

Remote control Electric Chain Stage Hoist For Truss


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Comprehensive introduction to wireless remote control device for electric hoists

Category : W12 Stage Inteligent hoist

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Comprehensive introduction to wireless remote control device for electric hoists

On the remote control transmitter, we can clearly see the functions of each part and button of the transmitter. The LED indicator light shows the power status, and flashing green indicates that the battery is sufficient and the transmitter can operate normally; Flashing red light indicates low battery power and reminds the operator to pause work; A fast flashing red light indicates severe battery shortage and requires shutting down to update the new battery.

The safety precautions for the receiver are as follows:

1. The installation position of the receiver must be as far away as possible from the frequency converter, motor, and its connecting cables to avoid communication interference.

2. The receiver cannot be installed inside the electrical control box. The correct installation method is to fix the receiver in an appropriate position on the top (or outside) of the electrical control box, and then thread the output cable of the receiver into the electrical control box for appropriate wiring.

3. The remote control has 4 billion sets of security codes, and each security code setting is different when it leaves the factory. When installing, it must be confirmed that there cannot be remote controls with the same security code in the same region to avoid mutual influence and misoperation.

4. The same channel cannot be used within a 200 meter range to avoid radio interference.

5. Please disconnect the main power supply of the crane before installation to avoid electric shock.