Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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Introduction to Electric Hoists on Stage

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  Introduction to Electric Hoists on Stage

  The stage electric hoist is also called a hoist. The stage electric hoist is strictly planned and manufactured according to the requirements of touring performances and exhibitions, with a black paint treatment on the surface, durable lighting, and a 380V control circuit heat treatment. The formed steel guide chain plate is designed for both forward and reverse directions and all-weather use. It is equipped with adjustable spiral limiters, which can rely on higher functions. The chain is galvanized and not easy to rust. The excellent lubricating oil is installed in the gearbox to prevent oil droplets from penetrating the stage. The motor of the hoist is sealed in an aluminum steel ring cylindrical shell, which is suitable for connecting with various controllers and circuit distributors.

  The function of stage electric hoist storage bag

  Users who have used stage electric hoists have noticed that there is a large black storage bag on top of the stage electric hoist, which is basically the same size as the electric hoist. This bag is not only used for decoration, but also plays a very important role. Below, I will analyze the purpose of this bag for everyone.

  When we use stage electric hoists for operations, the lifting chain can be stored in a storage bag, and the lubricating oil in the bag can effectively block the contact between the chain and the outside world, avoiding oxidation.

  After using the stage electric hoist, the chain on the electric hoist can be removed and stored in an orderly manner to avoid friction and moisture.

  3. With the protection of storage bags, the lifting chain of the stage electric hoist is effectively protected to avoid compression deformation and corrosion and rust.