Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

Electric Hoist for big large show events concert stage


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Stage work generally involves the arrangement and construction of lighting, sound, truss racks, stages, etc.

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A Perfect Place for Stage Gourd - Special Aviation Box

Stage work generally involves the arrangement and construction of lighting, sound, truss racks, stages, etc. Through observations in daily life, we can observe that stage workers often push in and out boxes with black backgrounds and silver edges filled with lighting fixtures and speakers, which are called aviation boxes. There are many benefits to installing lighting and sound systems inside, so the audience needs to ask: Do you have an aviation box specifically designed for stage gourds? The editor tells you that there is. And today I will talk to you about the advantages of stage gourd dedicated aviation boxes.

Firstly, it is beneficial for the maintenance of gourds. The dedicated aviation box for stage gourds is equipped with partitions that can be placed with sponges, providing a comfortable experience for stage gourds. Additionally, the partition will not cause entanglement or collision between the gourds.

Secondly, store neatly; Small footprint; Easy to access. The appearance of the aviation box is uniform, and it looks very neat when stacked in the warehouse. Two or even more aviation boxes can be stacked and placed, and one aviation box can hold 2-4 stage gourds, taking up less space. Classify each box according to its tonnage so that it can be picked up directly for next use.

Thirdly, the bottom of the aviation box has sturdy and heavy wheels, and two of the four wheels can brake diagonally for easy transportation.

Fourthly, the aviation box has a reinforced lid, which provides protection for the stage gourd.

There are so many advantages to using a stage gourd specific aviation box. When purchasing our stage gourd, you can also equip it with a set of stage gourd specific aviation boxes.