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Requirements for appearance of lifting chains

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  Requirements for appearance of lifting chains

  The appearance requirements for lifting chains are very strict, and only chains that meet the conditions can be used. So what are the appearance requirements for chains?

  1. The inspection of manufacturing details can be carried out from the package mouth of the welding interface. If the package mouth protrudes one circle beyond the chain and the chain is smooth, without burrs, scratches, etc. when touched, it is a high-quality chain.

  2. Firstly, check if there are any deformations, small cracks, rust marks, etc. on the lifting chain. A qualified lifting chain has no defects that affect the operation in appearance.

  3. High quality lifting chains are all made of high-quality alloy steel, while some small manufacturers or informal enterprises may have rough workmanship or simple materials, resulting in some deviations or appearance defects in the chains produced.

  We all know that a lifting chain is made up of chain links spliced together, and its shape is still elliptical. Have you ever thought about a question: why does it need to be made into an elliptical shape? There are three reasons:

  1. The circular surface is smoother, and the reason why ellipses have an advantage is that ellipses can achieve a stable effect and save volume, making collection relatively simple.

  2. The elliptical structure has a smooth surface without any edges, making it smoother to operate and reducing wear on the wheel axles.

  3. The elliptical structure has no edges and corners, and the user's feel is also comfortable. Otherwise, it may feel prickly and even scratch their hands during operation.

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