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What are the requirements for replacing lifting chains

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  What are the requirements for replacing lifting chains

  Besides lifting and hoisting, does the lifting chain also have an important task, which is dedicated to the hoist? As one of the main load-bearing components of the chain hoist, it plays an irreplaceable role in lifting operations. So, how should we replace the lifting chain used by the hoist when it breaks or deforms?

  1. The replaced imported lifting chain cannot be used together with the old and new chains, and the chain links must be even.

  2. There should be a certain gap between the chain and the casing. In order to better match the hand chain hoist, it is best to choose imported lifting chains of the original manufacturer's original model.

  3. The chain should not be too tight or too loose to avoid loosening, jumping, or excessive wear.

  Three elements of lifting chain maintenance

  No matter what product, fatigue will occur after long-term work, and the proportion of lifting chains is also high. We should not forget to perform maintenance work on it during use. Below, I will talk about the three elements of maintenance work for lifting chains.

  1. After using the lifting chain, it is necessary to check the rotary lock. If it is found to be inflexible, please adjust it in a timely manner. Enable it to rotate normally.

  2. Regularly clean the lifting chain and add appropriate lubricating oil or grease to make it smooth.

  3. Check for cracks or severe deformation in each component. If found, please replace it in a timely manner.

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