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The issue of permanent deformation of lifting chains

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  The issue of permanent deformation of lifting chains

  During the use of lifting chains, permanent deformation may occur due to environmental or human factors. Today, we will provide a detailed analysis and introduction of this issue.

  Firstly, permanent deformation of G80 lifting chains is usually caused by overloading or prolonged suspension of heavy objects on the chains.

  Secondly, permanently deformed chains have a decrease in strength, toughness, and load-bearing capacity, which makes them prone to breakage during use.

  Finally, when using G80 lifting chains that have undergone permanent deformation but have not yet reached the scrap standard, it is necessary to conduct a trial load test to determine their maximum load-bearing capacity, in order to avoid overloading and causing more serious damage to them.

  How to reduce the wear of lifting chains

  We are all very familiar with the lifting chain, and its presence can be seen everywhere in our lives. It is often used for lifting and unloading work,

  We inevitably encounter wear and tear during the use of the chain. Although we cannot avoid this phenomenon, we can minimize its wear and tear to the greatest extent possible.

  During the use of chains, when changing gears, please try to maintain the verticality of the conveying chain between the large toothed disc and the flywheel. Our company's lifting chains have an average service life of more than 5 years, ensuring the normal use of users.

  We also need to carry out regular maintenance work on the chain. Don't underestimate this work, it is crucial for the service life of the chain. Moreover, we must not overload the chain when using it, as overloading can greatly reduce the service life of the lifting chain.

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