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The causes of faults in the use of lifting chains

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  The causes of faults in the use of lifting chains

  When we use lifting chains, various situations may occur, such as breakage, deformation, and elongation. So what are the reasons for these problems?

  1. The quality of the chain itself has defects or problems, such as brittle materials, weak welding, and severe wear, which are all reasons for the easy breakage of the lifting chain.

  2. Due to substandard manufacturing quality and materials, single links in the lifting chain may experience brittle fracture or plastic deformation fracture accidents during use.

  3. It is also possible that human factors, such as overloading the use of lifting chains and fatigue using chains, can cause a certain degree of wear on the chains.

  In fact, the length of time a chain can be used is related to its quality, proper usage methods, and maintenance.

  Choosing high-quality lifting chains will certainly prolong their service life. Because there are many levels of chains, common ones include 70, 80, 100, etc. The higher the level, the higher the safety factor of the chain, and the quality will also be improved, making the chain have better wear resistance and longer service life.

  However, even the best quality chains need to be used correctly. Improper use can accelerate chain wear and affect its service life.

  The lifespan of a chain is closely related to its maintenance. We need to regularly maintain the lifting chain to reduce wear and tear, which can increase the lifespan of the lifting chain to a certain extent

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