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Standard details of electric hoist lifting operation

Category : V7 Stage Electric Series

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Standard details of electric hoist lifting operation

1. The staff arrived at the maintenance site on time

2. The lifting personnel inquire with the team leader about the work items and content

3. Carry out necessary safety inspections and preparations

4. When reusing gourds and lifting equipment that have been out of use for a long time, they should be tested according to the requirements of the regulations to ensure that there are no abnormalities before they can be used.

5. Before starting work, it is necessary to check whether there are any foreign objects or obstacles on the track or within the operating range that may affect the work. If there are any, work can only be started after being clear.

6. Does the voltage drop exceed the specified value.

7. Check whether the operation button markings are suitable and effective, and whether the limiter is safe and reliable.

8. Check if the braking is reliable and sensitive.

9. Check whether the up and down limits are appropriate and effective, and whether the limiters are safe and reliable.

10. Check if there is any abnormal sound or vibration during the no-load operation of the lifting and operating mechanisms.

11. Check if the hook and pulley block are abnormally damaged.

12. Check if the lifting steel wire rope is faulty or damaged.

13. Fulfilling work related procedures