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How to distinguish between forward and reverse of a chain hoist?

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How to distinguish between forward and reverse of a chain hoist?

The forward and reverse directions of a chain hoist are relatively easy to distinguish, mainly based on the direction of pulling. When the zipper strip of the chain hoist is on the handwheel and pulled forward, the internal gear sprocket will actually rotate clockwise, which is called forward rotation. When pulled counterclockwise, the hook of the chain hoist faces downwards, which is called reversal. When using a manual hoist, it is necessary to determine the lifting of the hook based on the direction of the operating chain to confirm safe operation.

In fact, the signs D and U can also be seen on the outer shell, which is the exterior wall panel, in both forward and reverse directions. This will be printed on the side near the zipper wheel, also known as the back of the chain hoist. D represents down and down, while U represents up and up. This is convenient for users to remind them of the unclear operation sequence and avoid misoperation.

In addition, the principle of forward and reverse braking is the same in the manual hoist, which uses friction plates to cooperate with the ratchet and brake seat to continuously press and separate, allowing the pawl to function. In short, the order of rotation should be understood by both the user and maintenance personnel, which is of great help for safe use, correct maintenance, and understanding of its principles