Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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Common quality issues with manual hoist

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Common quality issues with manual hoist

From the perspective of quality, manual lifting hoists can discover many problems that should not have occurred during use, which can also clearly compare the quality difference between a good product and a relatively poor small machinery.

The following situations can distinguish common usage phenomena of blockchain with slightly inferior production processes:

1. Burrs appear on the lifting chain, and when used in the workshop or outdoors, the surface of the chain is easily contaminated with dust, oil, and iron filings. This situation needs to be cleaned in a timely manner, but there may not always be too much time to deal with it during use. It is quite troublesome to inspect it after each use.

In terms of design, the Shoma and Oma hand chain hoists are equipped with chain blocking blocks, which have the function of removing foreign objects from the chain and reducing the occurrence of burrs. Of course, the alloy steel chain itself is of high quality and not easily damaged.

2. If there are many burrs, it is easy to cause chain jamming problems. Although chain jamming is a normal phenomenon that occurs when manually pulling a pulley or lifting a hoist, such as sudden increase in tension or occasional abnormal use, it is understandable that chain jamming occurs. However, if it is used frequently and normally, it is abnormal. For this reason, high-quality chain blocks usually have guide plates, which can reduce chain jamming and prevent foreign objects from falling into the inside of the hoist.

3. The exterior wall panel, also known as the side cover shell, uses alloy steel technology with certain differences in quality from the appearance. If the shell is prone to paint peeling, damage, deformation, etc., it indicates that the cover shell is relatively thin. A good hand chain hoist with a thickened cover and reinforced rib design with rolled edges can avoid such problems.