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Can't you put the chain hoist in a certain position?

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Can't you put the chain hoist in a certain position?

If the chain hoist cannot be further lowered when placed in a certain position during use, it may be due to excessive load or jamming. Because if there is a problem with the braking system, it will not cause a certain distance of descent, but will directly jam and cannot be pulled back. In fact, the relatively serious problem is overloading, which leads to situations where it cannot be lowered.

We suggest that you stop using and check for the following possible reasons:

1. Overload: If the load carried by the backchain exceeds its rated load, it will become heavy and may not run smoothly during lifting or lowering. Please verify if the weight of the lifted object exceeds the rated load of the chain hoist, or if it is not used in accordance with the operating specifications, resulting in skewed or inclined lifting. Any excess cargo should be unloaded in a timely manner.

2. Stuck: The chain wheel and brake device of the chain hoist may be stuck, causing the hoist to be unable to move. Please check if there are any foreign objects that hinder the normal rotation of the lifting hoist, such as accumulated garbage or production waste entering. Cleaning up these debris will restore normal operation.

So if the chain of the pull back chain hoist cannot be lowered until it reaches a certain position, then the above reasons can be considered, especially overloading, which not only causes problems during lifting, but also increases the possibility of the hoist being damaged or broken, which requires special attention.