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The hand zipper slide chain of a chain hoist

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The hand zipper slide chain of a chain hoist

It is inevitable to encounter various problems when using a chain hoist, such as sliding chains, which are common problems. Sliding chains can also be divided into several types, some refer to lifting chains and sliding chains, while others refer to hand zipper strips and sliding chains. Before we analyze the reasons and solve them, we should first distinguish this point clearly. Reference for hand chain hoist sliding chain of lifting chain: hand zipper chain hoist sliding chain

However, if there is a sliding chain at the position of the chain wheel of the chain hoist, the handling method is relatively simple. The chain is accurately installed on the chain wheel, and each chain link can correctly bite into the groove of the chain wheel. This way, pulling will exert normal hand pulling force. This processing method requires disassembling the hand cover shell. There will be a nut in the middle of the sprocket on this side, which can be removed by rotating the sprocket. In fact, by removing the hand cover shell, the chain can be adjusted.

Although the handling method is simple, we should analyze the reasons for the occurrence of chain slippage in order to avoid repeated problems. Generally, there are two types. One type is a problem with the product, such as wear and tear in the sprocket slot or other abnormal transmission systems, resulting in increased hand pulling force and difficulty in pulling, leading to chain slippage. Another type is caused by incorrect usage methods, such as crooked pulling or excessive hand pulling force. If multiple angles of pulling are needed, a 360 degree hand chain hoist can be chosen.

In short, the occurrence of chain slippage needs to be analyzed in conjunction with specific situations. Although the solution is simple, analyzing the cause is necessary to avoid further failures and extend the service life of the chain blocker.