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Structure and usage characteristics of chain wheel for chain hoists

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Structure and usage characteristics of chain wheel for chain hoists

Hand chain hoist sprockets are divided into lifting sprockets and hand chain sprockets, both of which can be referred to as such. The former mainly transmits power to the lifting chain to achieve the lifting and lowering of the lower hook, while the latter mainly transfers the power of the hand zipper strip to the transmission system through rotation. They are structurally similar and require suitable grooves to hold the chain link

The lifting sprocket can be summarized as using high-strength ductile iron and containing needle roller bearings. Its purpose is simply to have high strength, strong load-bearing capacity, not easily damaged, and can withstand the weight of the chain and lifting objects.

And the bracelet wheel is also designed with grooves, as the zipper strip does not need to withstand high strength, only ordinary chains are used. In order to maintain accurate engagement between the chain link and groove when pulled by the user, the groove design has a certain depth to prevent the chain link from being unable to engage correctly due to incorrect pulling.

In addition, the load limiting device selected by the customer is also located on the hand chain wheel, which is commonly referred to as the load limiting hand chain wheel. Combined with the braking principle of the hand chain hoist, it can be inferred that with a load limiting device, braking is no longer based on the friction plate as the core, which can avoid the problem of unstable braking caused by the brake plate becoming thinner due to wear and not being checked and replaced in a timely manner.

In addition, the thrust washer used in the hand pulley is equivalent to the "limiter" of the chain hoist. When the hoist chain descends to the bottom, it will not lock the sprocket and nut, causing safety issues.