Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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What are the accessories for a chain hoist? What is its function?

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What are the accessories for a chain hoist? What is its function?

With the development of the economy and the improvement of production level in recent years, chain hoists can be used in various industries mainly because they are simple, lightweight, and easy to operate. But don't underestimate the chain hoist. Although it has a small appearance, when you carefully open it, there are all the components inside. Now let me introduce to you:

1. Hand pulled gourd left and right wall panels.

It is installed on both sides of the lifting chain wheel in the center of the chain hoist, mainly for support and protection

2. Hand chain hoist lifting sprocket

The lifting chain wheel is made of ductile iron material, which is the direct component driving the lifting chain. From the driving of the hand zipper wheel to the lifting of the rear lifting chain wheel, without any part, the entire process of the hand chain hoist cannot be completed. Without the lifting chain wheel, the lifting chain cannot be lifted normally, and the weight cannot rise normally.

3. Ratchet and pawl

The hand chain hoist ratchet and pawl are made of high-strength high-quality alloy steel material. The two together constitute the braking mechanism of the chain hoist, and only when they cooperate can the chain hoist lift and descend. Without the pawl, the chain hoist loses its ability to lift heavy objects.

4. Friction plate

Its materials mainly include copper foam, resin, phenol, asbestos, copper wire, iron oxide, etc. It is located on both sides of the ratchet wheel, an internal part of the brake of the chain hoist, and completes the braking movement of the chain hoist through its friction and compression with the left and right sides of the ratchet wheel.

5. Lifting chain

Using G80 grade low-carbon high-quality alloy steel material, the treatment process adopts medium frequency quenching forging, which further increases the hardness and toughness of the chain in technology, ensuring the quality of the gourd. The surface treatment technology used is galvanizing or boiling black, both of which will increase the corrosion resistance of the chain.