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These daily factors can cause rusting of the chain hoist

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These daily factors can cause rusting of the chain hoist

Users often report accidentally discovering rust on their chain hoist, but the reason is unknown. In fact, the chain hoist is a metal product, and it is inevitable to rust due to human or environmental factors during use. In fact, as long as you pay more attention to the following methods, you can try to avoid the phenomenon of chain hoist rusting.

1. When used in rainy or snowy weather or other humid environments, the weather is unpredictable, and it is inevitable that the chain hoist will work outdoors. Sometimes, it may encounter rainy or snowy weather, and rainwater is corrosive. If the chain hoist is not properly maintained, it will rust and corrode. We should try our best to keep the working environment dry, and take corresponding protective measures in rainy and snowy weather.

2. Hand chain hoists may also experience rusting after prolonged use or if they are bumped or rubbed during use. A good solution is to repaint the surface of the chain hoist as soon as paint falls off, in order to avoid rusting after contact with liquid.

3. Lack of timely maintenance and upkeep after use, random placement, and lack of attention to cleaning can cause rusting of the chain hoist. We should develop a good habit of regular cleaning and maintenance, which can not only effectively prevent rusting of the chain hoist, but also extend its lifespan and improve its efficiency.

Nowadays, the number of users of chain hoists is increasing, and their application range is becoming wider. For ordinary users, it is important to carefully read the user manual. If there are more common sense errors in using chain hoists, they should be corrected accordingly.