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A series of problems caused by rust on the cover of the chain hoist

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A series of problems caused by rust on the cover of the chain hoist

The cover is one of the important components of the chain hoist. Often, improper use or maintenance of the chain hoist can cause the cover to rust. Some users believe that the cover only serves as a surface, and even slight rust will not affect its use. This is very wrong. Rusting on the outer cover of the chain hoist will directly or indirectly affect the safety of the entire operation.

1. The rust on the outer cover of the chain hoist can easily cause deformation. After rusting, the strength of the cover decreases, and it will deform under slight external impact and collision. Once deformed, it will lose protection for internal components.

2. Rust on the casing can easily cause damage to the parts. The casing provides protection for internal components. If the casing rusts, it is difficult to ensure that the internal components also rust. Moreover, rusting the casing can increase wear between parts, causing damage to the parts and affecting normal lifting operations.

3. The cover is rusted, and dust is very easy to invade the interior of the parts during the operation. Once the dust adheres to the friction surface of the brake, it will cause poor braking effect and easily lead to brake failure, causing a series of safety accidents.

Overall, the cover is the protective shell of a chain hoist. Once it rusts, it can easily cause various safety issues. We should pay attention to its protective measures in daily life. Once it rusts or deforms, it should be replaced in a timely manner.