Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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Details of using a chain hoist

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  Details of using a chain hoist

  The use of chain hoists brings great convenience to our lifting operations. With less force, heavier goods can be lifted and placed at the destination, making it a highly cost-effective lifting tool choice. So this time, the editor will share with you some details about using a chain hoist, hoping to improve work efficiency, increase safety during operation, and extend the service life of the chain hoist.

  When using a chain hoist to lift goods, it is necessary to check in advance whether the goods are securely tied and whether the hooks are securely suspended.

  2. Do not surround too many people on the lifting site. When operating the chain hoist, operators should pay attention to the surrounding area and leave a preventive area.

  3. When lifting, the operator should control their own strength, apply force evenly, and the strength should not fluctuate. It is not allowed to pull the zipper diagonally or forcefully.

  4. During the lifting process of the chain hoist, the operator should try to stay as far away from the lifting point of the goods as possible to prevent accidents caused by slipping hands and falling goods.

  When operating a chain hoist, operators should stand on a sturdy and secure ground. When working at heights exceeding two meters, workers should fasten their safety belts.

  6. Do not lift dangerous flammable and explosive materials. It is not allowed to lift when people and goods are mixed, as these are very dangerous.

  Through the sharing of the details of using a chain hoist above, we hope to provide assistance to everyone when using a chain hoist for lifting operations.

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