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The reason for the brake failure of the chain hoist

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  The reason for the brake failure of the chain hoist

  The hand chain hoist may experience brake insensitivity when used frequently for a long time, and in severe cases, brake failure may occur. So, what is the role of the brake of the hand chain hoist? The brake can effectively stop the goods after reaching the designated height, ensuring the smooth operation of the lifting operation. Therefore, the normal use of the brake device of the hand chain hoist is very important, which is related to the safety of operators and goods. So, how can we deal with the situation of brake insensitivity or failure? Below, we will explain to you.

  If the hand chain hoist is often not suitable, improper storage, dark and humid environment, and no application of rust proof grease can all cause a decrease in the friction coefficient of the brake, resulting in less sensitive braking.

  The hand chain hoist has been used for a long time, and the surface of the friction plate is not clean and has debris. In addition, the friction plate is severely worn. One is to clean the friction surface thoroughly, and in the other case, a new friction plate needs to be replaced to restore the friction force of the hand chain hoist friction plate.

  The deformation of the guide wheel of the chain hoist and the loosening of the spring of the pawl can cause brake failure. At this time, do not continue to use it and replace it with new components.

  When the brake of the chain hoist is not working properly or fails, do not continue the operation. Immediately stop and seek professional personnel familiar with mechanical principles for inspection and maintenance. After confirming that the maintenance is correct, resume the lifting operation.

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