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How to protect the hook of a chain hoist from rusting

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  How to protect the hook of a chain hoist from rusting

  Rusting on the hand chain hoist hook will reduce the safety of the operation, shorten the service life of the hook, and in severe cases, the hook may also break, causing major safety accidents. So how to protect the hook of the chain hoist from rusting?

  1. Hand chain hoist hooks are often coated with lubricating oil to prevent rusting during maintenance.

  2. Hand chain hoists are often cleaned, and if not cleaned for a long time, they may rust.

  3. The chain hoist hook should not come into contact with chemical corrosive substances to prevent rusting of the hook.

  4. Clean the hook of the chain hoist in a timely manner after being exposed to rain to prevent rusting.

  The above is the anti rust method for the hand chain hoist hook. If you have any other questions, you can call for consultation.

  Features of Hand Chain Gourd Products

  The main components of this product are made of high-quality steel, which has the following characteristics in design and performance:

  1. Good performance and simple maintenance

  2. Small size, light weight, and easy to carry

  3. Low pulling force and high efficiency

  4. Advanced structure and beautiful appearance

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