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How does the noise from the chain hoist come from?

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  How does the noise from the chain hoist come from?

  This time, we will mainly share some problems encountered by the operation of the chain hoist. Many people have encountered some abnormal noises or noises during the lifting process of the equipment, but they are not sure where they are caused and what the reasons are. So, let's quickly judge the parts of the chain hoist to improve work efficiency.

  If the noise is emitted by the hand chain hoist reducer, there may be several reasons: insufficient lubricating grease, gear damage, bearing damage, etc.

  If the noise is only emitted during the braking of the chain hoist, it should be a malfunction of the brake, which is likely caused by a decrease in brake sensitivity, and the equipment cannot brake during braking.

  If the noise is generated by the electric motor of the chain hoist, there are generally two reasons: firstly, the equipment is overloaded. The second issue is that the brake cannot be reset. Overloading the equipment can cause significant damage to the motor. When the pressure is too high, the motor cannot withstand it and emits low noise. The noise produced by the brake is due to the decrease in braking effect after long-term use, which leads to the inability of components to reset, and friction during motor operation, resulting in noise.

  The above are several common components and causes of noise in a chain hoist. If these situations occur, the lifting work of the chain hoist should be stopped first, then the power should be cut off, and specialized personnel should be hired to repair it before the chain hoist can be put into operation.

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