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What factors affect the quality of lifting belts

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  What factors affect the quality of lifting belts

  Lifting belts are commonly used in the lifting industry to lift heavy objects and are frequently used. Currently, there are various types of lifting belts available in the market, and quality must be emphasized when selecting.

  Firstly, it is important to distinguish the materials used in the production of lifting belts. High quality lifting belts are woven using a uniform material, while some low-quality ones are woven using a mixed material, which can affect the lifting effect. Therefore, careful identification is necessary.

  Another issue is the sewing of the connection points of synthetic fiber lifting belts. Generally, high-quality lifting belts are sewn with high-quality thread, while low-quality lifting belts are sewn with inferior thread, which directly affects the safety of use.

  The above is how to distinguish the quality of lifting belt materials, and customers can choose the suitable lifting belt according to their own needs.

  When does the lifting belt need to be replaced

  Hoisting belts are commonly seen lifting tools in the lifting and transportation industry. Hoisting belts have a wide range of lifting loads and are very soft and will not cause any harm to the lifted object. However, which type of tool or equipment will be scrapped after prolonged use, so how often should lifting belts be replaced?

  The first simple method is to look at the appearance of the lifting belt. If there is obvious wear, fracture, or deformation on the surface, it needs to be scrapped.

  Another issue is the regular tensile testing of polyester lifting belts, which is based on the type and specifications of the lifting belt. If the tensile test results of the lifting belt are lower than the established standards, it is necessary to scrap the lifting belt.