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How often should the lifting belt be inspected

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  How often should the lifting belt be inspected

  Synthetic fiber lifting belts are tools used for lifting and handling goods. Due to long-term use and environmental impact, lifting belts also require regular inspection and maintenance. So how often should lifting belts be inspected? Now let's give a detailed introduction:

  According to relevant regulations, the inspection cycle for flexible lifting belts is generally once every 6 months. This is because the lifting belt is affected by various factors during use, such as the weight of goods, frequency of use, working environment, etc. After a period of use, the lifting belt may experience wear, fracture, deformation and other problems, which may affect the safety of the lifting belt. Therefore, when using large tonnage lifting belts, users should conduct regular inspections of the lifting belts.

  When inspecting the lifting belt, we need to check the appearance of the circular lifting belt for wear, breakage, and other issues. If these problems occur, we need to replace the lifting belt with a new one in a timely manner. Secondly, check if the identification of the circular lifting belt is clear and visible, including information such as production date and load-bearing capacity.

  If the identification is unclear or severe wear has already occurred, replacement is also necessary. The Kemei lifting belt manufacturer reminds you to use the lifting belt correctly to avoid overloading or improper use that may cause damage to the lifting belt.