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What to do if the lifting belt eye is worn out

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  What to do if the lifting belt eye is worn out

  The eye of the lifting belt often comes into contact with the object being lifted, making it a vulnerable area for damage. What should we do if we find that the eye of the lifting belt is worn?

  Don't panic when encountering this situation, because the lifting belt itself is a flexible rigging, and it is normal for wear and tear to occur during contact with the lifted object. If you find that the lifting belt is worn, you should first check its degree of wear. If there is only slight wear at the eye, you can add an appropriate layer of sheath to ensure the safety of the operation. At the same time, be vigilant when using it, do not let the eye of the flat lifting belt come into contact with the sharp parts of the heavy object, so as to avoid further damage to the lifting belt. If there is excessive wear at the eye, even wire breakage or the protective sleeve being worn, it is recommended to replace the lifting belt with a new one as soon as possible, because the wear at the eye is too severe, and the lifting belt is prone to breakage when lifting heavy objects, which is very dangerous to use.