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Precautions for using flat lifting straps

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  Precautions for using flat lifting straps

  Flat lifting belts are mainly suitable for some common lifting unloading or lifting rope processes. However, when using lifting belts, we must pay attention to how to maintain and maintain them, as well as how to regularly check the quality of lifting.

  1. During the use of the flat lifting belt, if there is a situation where the lifting belt is "disconnected", please do not use it again.

  2. During use, it is important to properly bind our objects with flat lifting straps and try to use one side for binding without bending or folding, as flat lifting straps do not have any elasticity. We must pay attention to this.

  When the flat lifting belt is not used for a long time, we should place it in a cool place and not expose it to sunlight, because the material of the lifting belt is also compressed and tied with hemp rope. If exposed to sunlight for a long time, it will cause the lifting belt to directly break, resulting in safety hazards and unnecessary trouble