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Maintenance and daily inspection of lifting belts

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Maintenance and daily inspection of lifting belts

1. Do not store the sling near open flames or other heat sources, and also pay attention to avoiding light for storage;

2. After dirtying the lifting belt or using it in an environment with an acidic or alkaline tendency, the lifting belt should be cleaned thoroughly

3. Arrange regular inspection and inspection of lifting belts, and downgrade or scrap lifting belts that are unqualified or defective. The inspection content includes:

(1) Whether there are perforations, incisions, or tears;

(2) Is there any seam opening or broken stitching

(3) Is there any softening, aging, decreased elasticity, or weakened strength;

(4) Is the fiber surface rough and easy to peel off

(5) Is there any dead knot in the sling

(6) Is there any point like looseness, corrosion, acid and alkali burning, as well as thermal melting or burning on the surface of the sling;

(7) Is the warning line with red warning line straps exposed.