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Usage and precautions for lifting straps

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  Usage and precautions for lifting straps

  Lifting straps are a commonly used lifting tool, widely used in various scenarios such as warehouses, buildings, factories, ports, etc., playing an important role. So, the usage methods and precautions for lifting belts may not be well understood by everyone. Below, the editor will provide a detailed introduction for you:

  Usage and precautions for lifting straps

  1. We need to choose a suitable lifting belt. There are many specifications of lifting belts, including flat lifting belts, flexible lifting belts, polypropylene lifting belts, etc. The selection of synthetic fiber lifting belts should be based on multiple factors such as the weight, shape, and size of the lifted object. Generally speaking, the load-bearing capacity of a circular lifting belt is greater than the weight of the lifted object;

  2. Check the condition of the lifting belt. Before use, check the lifting belt for wear, broken wires, cracks, etc. If there are any, replace it with a new one in a timely manner. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the indication of the lifting belt is clear to ensure the correct use of the dock lifting belt product;

  3. Use lifting belts correctly. When using lifting belts, follow the instructions for using them, do not overload them, do not knot or twist them, and do not use damaged lifting belts. The high-strength lifting belt should bypass the required lifting object and then connect the two ends to form a circular shape;

  4. Avoid excessive use of lifting belts. The service life of flat polyester lifting belts is limited. During use, avoid excessive use of woven lifting belts to avoid affecting their service life;

  5. Store lifting straps. When not using double buckle flexible lifting straps, store them in a dry, ventilated, and dark place, avoiding direct sunlight, moisture, and other conditions.

  That's all for the relevant content on the usage methods and precautions of lifting belts. Kemei lifting belt manufacturer reminds you to pay attention to the above points and use lifting belts correctly when using them.