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Lighting Exclusive 1t Lifting Belt Sling


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Cleaning method for lifting belts

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  Cleaning method for lifting belts

  The lifting straps used in outdoor lifting operations are often exposed to outdoor environments. Even if the appearance does not change after a long period of testing, there are always some dust and impurities that can stick to the straps. Failure to clean them in time can easily affect their performance. The correct method is also needed for cleaning lifting belts: When cleaning lifting belts, they should not be brushed like clothes or shoes. Although they are all fiber materials, polyester industrial fibers cannot be twisted or damaged. Just like the requirements during lifting, careless cleaning can also cause damage to the lifting belt and reduce its safety performance. So what is the correct cleaning method for lifting straps?

  Cleaning steps:

  We can soak the lifting belt in clean water for a period of time to allow most of the impurities on it to leach out. Then rinse with clean water. If there are many oil stains on the lifting belt and it has to be cleaned with detergent, it is important to control the soaking time and avoid using detergent with high alkaline content for cleaning.

  2. Do not air dry without thorough cleaning. The main task is to thoroughly clean the detergent on the lifting belt before drying. After drying, try to store in a dry and ventilated environment to avoid prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays.