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Reasons for wear and replacement of lifting chains

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  Reasons for wear and replacement of lifting chains

  During the use of the lifting chain, due to the constant transmission direction, it always bears force from one direction, and the chain in that direction is more severely worn.

  In addition, due to installation and manufacturing errors, it is possible that the driving sprocket and driven sprocket are not in the same plane, resulting in more wear on one side of the inner chain.

  Precautions for replacement:

  If there is different degree of wear on both sides, the chain should be installed over the head according to the diagram, so that the side with more wear and the side with less wear can be replaced, which can extend the service life.

  When one or several chains or links are found to be broken and cannot be repaired, the broken sections can be replaced (first cut the broken lifting chain according to the method of shortening, and then rivet on the new one according to the method of repairing the loose pin).

  When the lifting chain encounters certain situations, it should be prohibited to use it

  Some customers know that when the lifting chain is twisted and severely rusted and cannot be ruled out, it must be prohibited to use. However, there are also prohibited situations that you are not aware of:

  When the elongation of a single link exceeds 3% of the nominal pitch, and the elongation of a double link exceeds 5% of the nominal pitch, it is prohibited to use it;

  2. When inspecting chain link welding cracks or other harmful defects with the naked eye or other equipment, it is prohibited to use it;

  3. After being damaged by the heat source, it cannot continue to be used;

  4. After excessive pitting or corrosion (acid, alkali), it cannot continue to be used;

  5. The dangerous section wear of components and accessories is reduced by 10% of the original size, and their use is prohibited.

  Note: The length of the lifting chain can be adjusted according to the lifting height of the lifting object, which is an essential component of the lifting device for cranes.

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