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Precautions for maintenance of 80 level lifting chains

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  Precautions for maintenance of 80 level lifting chains

  As an essential lifting equipment for lifting heavy objects, the 80 level lifting chain can be used for various types of equipment such as cranes, tying chains, and lifting hoists. Maintaining the service life of the lifting chain through daily maintenance is particularly important:

  1、 After use, clean the chain thoroughly. Cleaning can remove the impact of dirt on use and is also a necessary point for subsequent maintenance.

  2、 After cleaning, inspect the chain for serious damage to ensure that the scrapped chain is not reused.

  3、 Ensure that the chain is in a dry state, apply rust proof grease and lubricating oil, and place it properly.

  G80 level lifting chains require regular inspections to prevent potential risks

  Firstly, before use, we need to check the surface of the chain for any deformation, wear, cracks, or rust. If it occurs, we need to repair it or contact the manufacturer for replacement in a timely manner to ensure that the quality of the chain is not a problem before proceeding with work.

  If any jamming, abnormal sounds or vibrations are found during operation during work, it is necessary to immediately stop working and eliminate any abnormalities before continuing.

  After use, we need to apply lubricating oil to the surface of the lifting chain and place it in a dry place to prevent rusting.

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