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Precautions for the use of lifting chains

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  Precautions for the use of lifting chains

  1. Whether the joint is loose or deformed

  2. Are the rollers cracked, damaged, or excessively worn

  3. Whether the pin is deformed or rotating, or corroded by embroidery

  4. Is there any abnormal noise or vibration during operation, and is the lubrication of the chain in good condition

  5. Whether the inner/outer chain pieces are deformed, cracked, or corroded

  The material of the lifting chain is alloy steel, which is prone to corrosion and rust. During normal use, attention should be paid to maintenance.

  1、 Dust pollution: Dust pollution is common in the environment and cannot be avoided. While dust pollution adsorbs on the surface of the chain, it also contaminates the surface of the chain with corrosive substances in the air. If not cleaned in time, it will inevitably have an irreparable impact on it.

  Maintenance: Regularly clean and wipe the chain, and apply rust proof oil after cleaning.

  2、 Water vapor: The material of the chain is steel. In an aerobic environment, the metal elements in the chain will undergo oxidation-reduction reactions with water, resulting in rust spots on the chain.

  Maintenance: Avoid prolonged use in damp and humid environments, wipe or air dry in a timely manner after use, and apply rust proof oil after drying.

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