Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

Programmable Electric Chain Hoist 1t


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The maintenance of electric hoists varies throughout the year

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The maintenance of electric hoists varies throughout the year

The temperature and climate environment vary throughout the year, and the use of electric hoists is also relatively affected. We should take corresponding protection and preventive measures according to the different seasons to reduce the degree of damage to electric hoists.

1. The temperature and climate in spring and autumn are suitable. Generally speaking, proper use and regular maintenance are sufficient.

2. The temperature is too high in summer, with some areas reaching temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius. We should try to choose indoor environments or ventilated areas with lower temperatures for operation. Otherwise, if the electric hoist works for a slightly longer time, it will cause the motor temperature to be too high, resulting in burning or abnormal motor operation. Summer is also a rainy season, and many areas often experience continuous thunderstorms. We should pay attention to weather changes in a timely manner, take corresponding defense measures in advance, build rain shelters or use rain covers to prevent electric hoists from getting wet by rain and causing component corrosion.

3. In winter, the haze in the northern region is very severe and the visibility is extremely low. Only a small area can be seen clearly. However, due to some operations requiring electric hoists to be lifted too high, it directly leads to operators not being able to see the specific position of the electric hoists clearly, causing serious consequences. When encountering severe haze weather, we try to avoid outdoor work. If unavoidable, prominent lights should be installed at the top of the operation, You can also use people to command and operate from above, being more cautious and careful than usual. In addition, due to high humidity in winter, careful maintenance and upkeep are required after use to prevent rusting and corrosion of components.