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What is the reason why the chain hoist can be tightened or loosened?

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What is the reason why the chain hoist can be tightened or loosened?

Among small lifting hoists, one of the most widely used products is the hand chain hoist. Due to its extremely wide range of applications and different professional qualities of operators, the problems encountered are also different. For example, a few days ago, a netizen claimed that their hand chain hoist could only be tightened but not loosened during use, and they sought help. So, what is the reason for this phenomenon?

Firstly, in the direction of descent, two people pull forcefully, and the brake pads may not separate at once. Pull twice more, be careful not to use brute force, as brute force can strain the muscles. When the zipper strip rolls down with a strong pull, the problem with this chain hoist is considered solved. To prevent secondary brake lock up, the hand chain hoist separates the brake pads when not in use (that is, by pulling the hand zipper counterclockwise, the brake pads inside will separate).

Next, open the cover of the chain hoist to see the ratchet and brake pads inside. Secure the zipper wheel and variable speed gear so that they cannot rotate up or down. Use a chisel and hammer to strike the ratchet counterclockwise to separate the brake pads and ratchet assembly. After separation, the chain hoist can be tightened and loosened normally.

Before using the chain hoist, it is necessary to carefully read the user manual. If there are problems during the lifting process, the hoist should be stopped immediately for inspection. Only after the problem is solved can it continue to be used.