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Five situations where the chain hoist cannot be lifted

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Five situations where the chain hoist cannot be lifted

Chain hoist is a lightweight and convenient small lifting tool, which can lift hundreds or thousands of kilograms of heavy objects due to its small size. Due to the large weight of the lifted goods, accidents can be unimaginable. Therefore, for safety reasons, chain electric hoist cannot be lifted in the following situations.

1. The nameplate of the chain hoist clearly indicates the lifting weight and height, and should not be overloaded for use, as this can easily lead to safety hazards. If the weight of the goods is unknown, it is not advisable to lift them blindly. It is advisable to use a chain electric hoist larger than the tonnage of the goods for lifting.

2. Do not carry out lifting work if the site is too dark or in weather conditions with low visibility. If necessary, various protective measures must be taken.

3. During the process of lifting heavy objects, the chain hoist should not be pulled or lifted at an angle, as it is prone to overload.

4. If the lifted goods have edges and corners, be sure to find the center lifting point and protect those edges and corners to avoid injury.

5. Containers containing hazardous liquids or gases should not be lifted casually when heavy objects are filled with liquid. When lifting hazardous gas containers, professional permission must be obtained.

In addition, if it is difficult to find the correct lifting point for the goods, which are relatively round or large, it is necessary to use lifting slings for lifting. It is not advisable to lift the goods forcefully to avoid accidents caused by unstable center of gravity in the air.