Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

Concert Stage Electric Chain Hoist


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Group crane electric hoist used in stage and theater

Category : V7 Stage Electric Series

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Group crane electric hoist used in stage and theater

The theater stage uses a group of hanging chain electric hoists, which require many hoists to cooperate. It is often seen that one ton and two tons can be lifted by several meters. The stage electric hoist is suitable for hoisting construction operations such as temporary stages, temporary construction sites, theaters, etc. If the main body of the stage electric hoist is hung on the beam, ordinary chain electric hoists can also be used, but there are single speed and double speed options.

1. The outer shell of the stage electric hoist is made of aluminum alloy steel material, with a compact structure and light weight, effectively increasing the lifting stroke of up and down operations.

2. Using a sprocket to release the chain smoothly and without knots, the dynamic load guide wheel ensures the proper introduction of the chain into the guide wheel. Nylon cloth is used for galvanizing treatment with a lifespan more than 5 times longer than other brands, which is not easy to rust

3. Because a separate connector is set up, it can be combined and operated synchronously with one or more devices. Multiple channel control boxes such as 4, 8, and 10 can be selected for synchronous control. You can purchase the equipment body of the aircraft.

4. Limit switch, automatically stops the motor to prevent chain detachment, ensuring safety limit switch device is suspended. The dual brake system ensures safe operation.

5. In terms of safety, it is equipped with high-strength safety hooks, which cannot be cut off even in case of accidental overload impact. If the weight is too heavy, it can only slowly deform.

Reverse suspension electric hoists are used for theater stages, which can be suspended by hanging hooks on the ceiling beams and fixtures. They are mainly used for lifting lighting, audio equipment, steel, and the installation and maintenance of mechanical equipment. Many tennis courts, airport lobbies, and press conferences use Hebei Hummer Elephant's stage chain electric hoist.