Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

1 ton round link electric chain hoist block


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What is the reason for the electric hoist shaking during use

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What is the reason for the electric hoist shaking during use

1. When the electric hoist is running rapidly, the operator suddenly operates in the opposite direction, causing it to shake.

2. The reduction of lubricating oil in its reducer leads to a decrease in deceleration effect and the occurrence of vibration.

3. The size of the I-beam is not appropriate, resulting in insufficient fitting of the electric hoist and causing shaking.

4. Just started or brake suddenly, causing shaking due to inertia.

5. Due to the tilting adjustment of the braking mechanism, there is a deviation in the torque of the brake buttons on both sides during the braking process, resulting in lateral torsion and vibration.

Timely protective measures should be taken for the electric chain hoist during the rainy season

Compared to ordinary hoists, chain electric hoists are more popular because they are convenient and efficient to use, and can improve work efficiency. However, it is important to avoid using them in rainy weather as much as possible. The main working principle of electric hoists is to rely on the power supply to start and complete the work. If used in rainy weather, electric shock is likely to occur, Therefore, it is necessary to strictly prevent electric shock and protect personal safety during use.

If it encounters rainy weather during use, a rain cover can be used for the product. At this time, only do a good job of preventing electric shock and subsequent maintenance. If rainwater erodes the interior of the gourd, the product should be cleaned to prevent electric leakage during future use.