Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

Light 380V Chain Electric Hoist


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Hand chain hoist structure

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  Hand chain hoist structure

  Although the hand chain hoist looks small in size, it is composed of more than 70 components, mainly consisting of sprockets, hand zippers, transmission gears, lifting chains, and upper and lower hooks. The transmission method is generally gear type transmission, which is also the most widely used transmission method nowadays. It is driven by lifting sprockets, connected to the lower hook is the lifting chain, and the hand chain is used to transmit manual pulling power. The lower hook is used to hang goods.

  Working principle of chain hoist

  The hand chain hoist is an upgraded version of the pulley, which fully inherits the advantages of the pulley. The labor-saving hand chain hoist utilizes mechanical principles to manually drive the zipper strip to generate traction. By using gear transmission, the small gear drives the large gear, transmitting the amplified torque to drive the lifting chain to complete the lifting and lifting of heavy objects.

  When the chain hoist lifts the goods upwards, pull the bracelet downwards to rotate the bracelet wheel in a clockwise direction. The bracelet wheel rotates to press the friction plate ratchet and brake into one and rotate together. Then, the bracelet wheel drives various transmission gears to drive the lifting chain wheel to smoothly lift the goods. A ratchet friction plate one-way brake is used, which can automatically brake under load. The pawl is engaged with the gear under the action of the spring, ensuring that the goods will not fall down on their own when they stay in any position in the air.

  When descending, pull down the other bracelet bar to rotate the bracelet wheel counterclockwise. At this time, the toothed claw releases the ratchet, and under the weight of the lower hook and other self weight, it can smoothly descend. When the bracelet bar stops pulling, the brake immediately restores its braking function, allowing the goods to stop at any position.

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