Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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Please stop operating the chain hoist immediately when encountering the following situations

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  Please stop operating the chain hoist immediately when encountering the following situations

  Situation 1: During the lifting process, there may be overloading using a chain hoist or the operator may not be clear about the weight of the heavy object. At this point, you need to immediately stop the operation. Any violation that may cause accidents should be prohibited, especially in the case of overloading, which is the most likely to exacerbate component wear and lead to accidents;

  Condition 2: Regardless of any occurrence, such as missing or severely worn components of the chain hoist before lifting or during operation, or even performance issues such as brake failure, hook twisting, deformation, fracture, or chain jamming, it should be immediately stopped from use;

  Condition 3: During the operation, there is severe shaking of the chain hoist, which is caused by the loose binding of the hoist or heavy object before lifting. At this time, the operation should be stopped immediately to prevent accidents, and the heavy object should be placed back in its original place and firmly secured before continuing the operation;

  Situation 4: In case of severe hooking during operation, the operation should be stopped immediately. You should know that if there is no overload during our operation, but if there is a hook, it cannot be guaranteed. Overloading can cause accidents, so please stop the operation and solve the problem before proceeding with the following operations;

  Condition 5: When the lighting in the operating area is poor, the operation should also be stopped or work should not start. Because of the dim light, you cannot see the operation clearly and make correct judgments, which can bring danger to you.

  When you encounter any situation, please immediately stop operating the chain hoist. Don't take the trouble to solve the problem before continuing with the operation, mainly for the sake of everyone's safety and efficiency.

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