Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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Risk factors and preventive measures for the use of chain hoists

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  Risk factors and preventive measures for the use of chain hoists

  Whether it is a manual hoist or a lever, they have commonalities in terms of the danger of use. In order to reduce safety risks that should not occur, we need to be familiar with some preventive measures. Despite repeated instructions, there are still many details that users should pay attention to. Here are some tips to address the issues that are easily overlooked in daily operations, and a new understanding of the precautions for blockchain operation.

  Risk factors and measures

  1. Warning of lifting operation scope: Setting up warning lines is important, even if one has rich experience and psychological prevention, setting up clear danger range warnings during lifting heavy objects can make people more aware of the importance of safety. So as to take each operation more seriously and improve overall safety awareness.

  2. Inspection: The usage standards of the chain hoist should be always remembered and put into action. Whether it is the inspection of the lifting site environment or the lifting tools, they should be meticulous, which is a key guarantee for the entire construction process, just like products require a certificate of conformity.

  3. Flexible application: Different lifting slings have different requirements for use and need to be viewed flexibly and dialectically. Based on the instructions for use, they should be flexible and adaptable according to actual lifting requirements.

  The above three points are not about how to operate and pay attention to the specific methods of lifting chain hoists, but about the methodology of how to do it from a macro perspective, hoping to be helpful to each user.

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