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How to keep a manual hoist from rusting

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  How to keep a manual hoist from rusting

  The areas where manual hoists may rust include small manual hoist accessories and covers, lifting chains, hooks, and other locations. In order to prevent oxidation and rust, lifting hoist manufacturers will spray paint on them during processing, and surface treatment methods such as blackening or galvanizing will be used to prevent rust on the chains, which can maintain their original performance in the loss caused by long-term use in the later stage.

  In addition to surface rust prevention treatment, cleaning and maintenance are also important measures to prevent rusting during later storage:

  1. After each lifting operation, clean the dust and other debris contaminated by the manual hoist with a clean cloth. The chain part can be wiped clean and then check if mechanical oil needs to be applied.

  2. The storage environment should avoid damp and dark environments as much as possible, and like most items, it needs to be dry and ventilated.

  3. In outdoor environments, manual hoists can be lifted without the need for external power sources, so the external environment is often complex. In rainy and snowy weather or unavoidable water-based liquids, they should be wiped dry in a timely manner after use to achieve rust prevention of manual hoists.

  4. When exposed to various substances such as acids, alkalis, or salts, rust is more likely to occur. Try to avoid or promptly treat surface impurities.

  5. The contact positions of the hook connecting heavy objects and the chain under stress are prone to friction at each contact position, making the surface more susceptible to damage. Therefore, regular inspections and rust prevention should be carried out in areas with high losses.

  To prevent rusting, proper protective measures need to be taken during manufacturing and use. The above content is for reference only.

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