Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

Electric Lifting 1 Ton Electric Chain Block


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Why is a chain hoist labor-saving

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  Why is a chain hoist labor-saving

  A chain hoist is a manual lifting tool that can lift heavy objects with minimal force by pulling a zipper. Everyone knows that chain hoists are labor-saving, so what is the labor-saving principle of chain hoists?

  As an upgraded version of the fixed pulley, the chain hoist fully inherits the advantages of the fixed pulley. At the same time, it adopts a combination of a reverse reverse reverse brake reducer and a chain pulley group, symmetrically arranged with a two-stage spur gear rotation structure, which is simple, durable, and efficient. The fixed pulley was invented based on mechanical formulas. In the formula M=F * L, when force F is used as a variable, the constant force arm L is positively correlated with the variable torque M. When the torque is amplified, it will save effort while the force arm remains relatively unchanged.

  The hand chain hoist rotates by pulling the manual chain and hand chain wheel, pressing the friction plate ratchet and brake seat into one and rotating together. The tooth length shaft then rotates the plate gear, tooth short shaft, and spline hole gear. In this way, the lifting sprocket installed on the spline hole gear drives the lifting chain, thereby smoothly lifting the heavy object. Adopting a ratchet friction plate type one-way brake, it can self brake under load, and the pawl meshes with the ratchet under the action of the spring, ensuring safe operation of the brake.

  Hand chain hoists actually use the principles of mechanics to save effort. Gravity and boom are fixed, but lengthening the boom saves effort. A chain hoist is a transmission mechanism composed of electric gears and other components, which generates a linear traction force that matches the load through the action of human force on the driving device zipper strip. The small gear drives the large gear to transmit the amplified torque, so as to drive the lifting chain to complete the lifting operation of heavy objects.

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